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From Korea with Love, tested on the peninsula and now perfect for the season, the M51 Fur-Lined Fishtail Parka

The Korean War, that started in 1950 and ended in 1953, was unlike any type of conflict the United States had ever faced before. The United States had experienced its fair share of cold weather combat during WWII, but nothing … Continue reading

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German Paratrooper boots land on target, from Drop Zones to Runways

Paratroopers, from their first modern use by the U.S.S.R. in the 1930s and their first successful application in war by the German military in 1940, have always had specialized equipment and uniforms. The German paratrooper, the “Fallschirmjäger” was no exception; … Continue reading

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French fashion adopts Classic Army Jacket

The French have always been a fixture on the fashion scene, this is especially true considering how it has become a part of their national identity. It should come as no surprise then, that their military might have something to contribute … Continue reading

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70 Years later Vintage Army Men’s windbreaker keeps coming back

Military uniforms as we know them today, consist of some kind of camouflage scheme, insignia and cargo pockets. No one today would think to wear a fancy dress uniform into the battlefields of Iraq or Afghanistan, that rationel really only … Continue reading

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German Army Boots inspire Beautiful Women’s Boots

Dust, sand and heat were the original concerns the German Army had when designing a boot for their soldiers, tasked with fighting the Allied Forces in North Africa during WWII. Designers such as Timberland and Ralph Lauren perhaps were not … Continue reading

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Military Fashion, an Introduction

Snaps! Straps! And Buttons! Oh my! Welcome to the world of Military Fashion, or what I would like to call #MilFashion. Fashion that has a clear inspiration from military uniforms designed for war. MilFashion is not designed as much for … Continue reading

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