German Army Boots inspire Beautiful Women’s Boots

Dust, sand and heat were the original concerns the German Army had when designing a boot for their soldiers, tasked with fighting the Allied Forces in North Africa during WWII.

Designers such as Timberland and Ralph Lauren perhaps were not as concerned with the elements as they were with what might make a fashionable boot.

The German Army saw action as an expeditionary force known as the “Afrika Korps’ from 1941 to 1943 in the deserts of North Africa. In order to ensure that their troops were properly equipped for this type of environment they designed a combination canvas and leather boot. Earlier models of this boots were tall boots and as the war progressed because of material shortages, the Germans produced an ankle high type of boot.

He is wearing the early model of the boot.

Here is a photo of the tall version of the boot being worn by a soldier in the “Afrika Korps”.

Here is an artist’s depiction of the early model and later model being worn by three different soldiers.

For living historians, reenactors and for props/costume companies there are manufactures that produce reproductions of these boots.






The boots above can be purchased        from Achtung-Blitzkrieg for ₤119.00 / $184.45

The tall model can be purchased from Varusteleka for 199.00€

The orginal designs are above and you were able to see how they were originally worn by the soldiers in the desert, its now time to see how they live on in Fashion with #MilFashion inspired boots.








Bottega Veneta ₤565.00                                                          TimberLand $180.00


Grenson $188.00                                                                Frye Paige

The price ranges really are all over the board when it comes to these designer boots, for some of them it actually turns out to be cheaper to purchase the Original Historical reproductions of the boots.  This is a prime example of a WWII design inspiring fashion today.


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