Military Fashion, an Introduction

Snaps! Straps! And Buttons! Oh my!

Welcome to the world of Military Fashion, or what I would like to call #MilFashion. Fashion that has a clear inspiration from military uniforms designed for war. MilFashion is not designed as much for war as it is designed to look good in almost every fashion season and is found in some piece of every designer’s collection.

QM Fashion Blog will show you, the reader how deeply rooted the borrowing of design aspects from uniforms exists in the fashion world. I intend to also showcase the original items that were the inspirations for MilFashion designs. To top it all off, this blog will provide you with cheaper alternatives to high end designer MilFashion that came be easily found at your local Army Navy Surplus store.

I hope you are prepared to learn who those boots or that jacket in your closest was originally designed for, and perhaps what type of combat it saw?


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