Military Themes Inspire Music Videos and Fashion Follows

The entire concept of Military Fashion has come into being as of a result of labels and designers drawing ideas from military uniforms and equipment throughout history. However, military history and the uniforms from the past not only inspire fashion in our daily lives, it also influences popular music. It is undeniable that music videos and bands affect popular trends in fashion. All of this creates a cycle of Military Fashion popularity due to music videos and fashion influencing eachother. I would like to showcase the aspect of Military Fashion that is found in music videos.

I have collected my TOP TEN Military Themed Music Videos ranging from WWI to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have listed them in their chronological order.

World War One WWI

The Decemberists “The Soldiering Life”

World War Two WW2

My Chemical Romance “The Ghost of You”

Dustin Kensrue “This is War”

Christina Aguilera “Candyman”

Katy Perry “Thinking of You”

War in Iraq / Afghanistan

Green Day “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

Metallica “The Day That Never Comes”

3 Doors Down “When I’m Gone”

General Military Themes

Destiny’s Child ft. T.I. Lil Wayne “Soldier”

Rihanna ft. Jeezy “Hard”

All ten of these music videos have taken inspiration from the military in their storylines and songs. This is yet another aspect of pop culture that has subtle military themes. The fashion that is found comes through in what the bands and singers are wearing. I would have to say that the best music video out of the ten, featuring the most military inspired fashion pieces, is Rihanna’s Hard video.

Keep your eyes peeled, who would have thought that you could find military inspiration in modern day music videos.  Fashion and music walk hand in hand, one influencing the other, so isn’t completely bizzare seeing military themes in music videos. If you know of any others, let me know.


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