Military Fashion Sells! Military History Influences Commercials more than ever before

The Military Fashion trend has been a consistant occurance since the beginning of modern fashion. Its origins can be traced back to even the French Haute Couture days where Scottish Plade Military Kilts were desired by the French upper class as a fashion statement. The military has had an incredible influnce on fashion and today its popularity is perpetuated by its appareance in music videos, films and commercials.

Large companies and brands have used the appeal of the military and military history to make a connection with their customers and highlight their companies involvement in supporting the United States during conflicts.

Military fashion though draws influences from these commercials just the same as they draw influences from music videos, films and actual military history. Whenever the military is featured out of context, such as in a commercial, it allows the public to see it through a different lense and generally in more positive light.

What I have collected is my TOP TWELVE Military influnced commercials.  I have arranged the commercials in chronological order.

The Revolutionary War


The American Civil War


World War One WWI

Men’s Wearhouse

Stella Artois

World War Two WWII






Cold War

Stella Artois

This commercial has a hidden historical easter egg, the scene where the Eastern German soldier jumps the barbwire was a famous photograph from the Cold War.

Middle East




As you may have discovered, there are military influnces and undertones in a variety of places. These commercials highlight some successful companies and showcase how popular military themes are in modern society. Even though we are a country at war, our military and military history still has a place in our media, all of which has an influence on style and fashion.

Just as these commercials remind people of military history in a subtle way, military fashion reminds people of the durability, ruggedness and practicality of military uniforms.


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