Alex N.

I am senior International Business Management Major at Champlain College in Burlington Vermont. I am a Chicago native and I intend on returning home to Chicago after my graduation in May. I spent my childhood and teenage summers and the majority of my weekends working for my father at our army surplus store in downtown Chicago. During this time I developed an intense passion for vintage and military clothing. All the while this was happening I started to notice that in certain seasonal designer lines and with specific designers, military uniforms and fashion intersected frequently. I can instantly see a piece of milfashion and identify its historical military influence or inspiration. This talent has ultimately led to this blog.

QM Fashion is an offshoot of my father’s traditional brick and mortar army surplus store. During my time in college while studying fashion in Paris, I discovered that many designers create milfashion clothing in some way for each of their lines. With a taste of fashion education in an ideal location such as Paris, milfashion started to pop out at me almost in every shop window and on Parisians themselves, greens, khakis and combat patches were all calling to me.

I would like to use this blog to recognize the original pieces that designers and labels have used to create their clothing and also give some background on the original pieces in regards to how they were used and worn by the Soldiers, Marines, Airman, and Sailors throughout history.

I have an odd talent, show me some military-like clothing I can instantly give, a time period, a country and even perhaps the original usage of said item. Through QM Fashion I would like to share this talent with you all.


How you can reach me

e-mail: qmapparel@gmail.com


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