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Paratrooper “Jump Boots”, WWII’s signature symbol of the elite and fashion’s most experienced boots

Now that we’ve opened up the paratrooper fashion trunk the next special airborne uniform piece that has made the list is the infamous “Jump Boots.” Corcoran American Paratrooper “Jump” Boots The United States’ Airborne Soldiers were one of the most … Continue reading

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M42 Paratrooper Jackets, a trend setter from Drop Zones to showrooms

Voluntarily jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and tasked with landing behind enemy lines with the mission of causing as much havoc as possible might seem like a tall order to accomplish, but not for American Paratroopers. Infamously Paratroopers … Continue reading

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Double the Buckle, Double the Style, Double Buckle Boots march onto the scene

The American military during World War Two began the war like most other countries, with one uniform for all occasions. The same uniform you were expected to meet the president in or get married in was the same uniform you … Continue reading

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German Panzer Wrap Jacket, once a symbol of fear, now a symbol of fashion

The German army during World War Two, was one of the most feared organizations of the time. An element of that fear was its impressive Panzer Tanks, treaded and armored vehicles that rolled over the armies of Europe in 1939-40. … Continue reading

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