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Always Combat Ready Cargo Pants, a 90’s fashion throwback, origins circa the 1940’s

One of the most prevalent military inspired fashion design feature in the jackets and pants of today, are utility cargo pockets. Originally introduced in the 1990’s as a fashion hit and now a subtle accepted practice. Literally on every street, … Continue reading

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German Panzer Wrap Jacket, once a symbol of fear, now a symbol of fashion

The German army during World War Two, was one of the most feared organizations of the time. An element of that fear was its impressive Panzer Tanks, treaded and armored vehicles that rolled over the armies of Europe in 1939-40. … Continue reading

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An Army Field Jacket for the ages, the M43 Jacket and its four pocket fundamentals

One of the most influential military uniform items in fashion during the 20th century, is the WWII vintage M-1943 Field Jacket, the United States Miltary’s first jacket specifically designed for 20th century combat. The M43 Jacket had a simple design … Continue reading

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Army Jacket Italiano, Street style à la Roma

The Italian Army may not strike fear in your average person, it has had a rocky history after all, especially in WWI and WWII with their flip flopping between the Axis and the Allies. In regards to style and uniforms … Continue reading

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French fashion adopts Classic Army Jacket

The French have always been a fixture on the fashion scene, this is especially true considering how it has become a part of their national identity. It should come as no surprise then, that their military might have something to contribute … Continue reading

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70 Years later Vintage Army Men’s windbreaker keeps coming back

Military uniforms as we know them today, consist of some kind of camouflage scheme, insignia and cargo pockets. No one today would think to wear a fancy dress uniform into the battlefields of Iraq or Afghanistan, that rationel really only … Continue reading

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