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The Why behind the What, the not quite ready for primetime blog reflection

QM Fashion was created as a project for my Senior Marketing Management course #cc410mkt taught by Professor Elaine Young, a Social Media Marketing Guru at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. However, the idea for QM Fashion has been living in … Continue reading

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Always Combat Ready Cargo Pants, a 90’s fashion throwback, origins circa the 1940’s

One of the most prevalent military inspired fashion design feature in the jackets and pants of today, are utility cargo pockets. Originally introduced in the 1990’s as a fashion hit and now a subtle accepted practice. Literally on every street, … Continue reading

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Paratrooper “Jump Boots”, WWII’s signature symbol of the elite and fashion’s most experienced boots

Now that we’ve opened up the paratrooper fashion trunk the next special airborne uniform piece that has made the list is the infamous “Jump Boots.” Corcoran American Paratrooper “Jump” Boots The United States’ Airborne Soldiers were one of the most … Continue reading

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M42 Paratrooper Jackets, a trend setter from Drop Zones to showrooms

Voluntarily jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and tasked with landing behind enemy lines with the mission of causing as much havoc as possible might seem like a tall order to accomplish, but not for American Paratroopers. Infamously Paratroopers … Continue reading

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German Paratrooper boots land on target, from Drop Zones to Runways

Paratroopers, from their first modern use by the U.S.S.R. in the 1930s and their first successful application in war by the German military in 1940, have always had specialized equipment and uniforms. The German paratrooper, the “Fallschirmjäger” was no exception; … Continue reading

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